“ I took a chance on hand picked nursery and these strawberry bare root plants and I'm glad I did. I received them bundled together in a bag and was surprised that there were already shoots coming out of the tops. Of the 20 I got 19 are happily growing in my cinder blocks. The roots are nice and long and all are of nice size and healthy except for one that was extremely small and well, it probably would have grown but I had my little one help me plant these and we lost it somewhere in the dirt. Its been less than a week and new leaves have already shot up and all 19 are doing really well. We are looking forward to berry picking in a few months.. ”

Olivia Grosh, Customer

“I ordered these strawberry plants from Hand Picked Nursery. I planted them just before it rained. The next day they had little green leaves growing on them. They are growing very fast and look very healthy. I bought these before and we had tons of good strawberries the next 2 years. They are good. My grandchildren love them. Unfortunately the neighbors do too. I recommend planting a lot of plants if you have neighbors who decide to come over and be friendly every time they see you picking strawberries.”

David Austin, Customer

Love this!!! I have received them over a week ago and after rehydrating them for only 3 days they all greened up and I planted in a hanging flower basket. They are doing so well!!!! I cant wait for the berrys this year and look forward to many more years of delicious berrys!!!
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Mr. John Anderson, Designer