Planting Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Planting Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Planting bare root strawberry plants are fun for all the family and are also a great boarder plants for your landscaping.  Planting bare root strawberry plants are different than when you buy strawberry plants that come in a pot. A potted strawberry plant has already establish its filtration and rooting system. Bare root strawberry plants have not and are very sensitive to it's environment. Planting bare root strawberry plants are easy to grow but have 3 simple rules that will guarantee success.

First, the soil is what helps the plant grow and breath. When picking your soil, use a rich compost type soil. You can use miracle grow or a rich cow manure but you will have to add at least 30 % sand. The sand helps with the breathing by making the soil drain better. Planting in a rich compost soil alone will rotten the roots of the plant.

Second, When planting the plant the crown needs to be placed above the soil. I like to see a  very little root. Just enough to keep the plant up right. Over time, the plant will settle and lower itself. When the crown is exposed to moist dirt can rotten the crown.

Lasty, commercial growers plant there plants on mounds and wrap there dirt in plastic (this is optional). The reason they do this is to help with drainage. The plastic helps with keeping the dirt moist but not wet. It also protects the fruit from the dirt and bugs. When planting on a flat surface the fruit tends to lay on the soil and rots quicker and bugs can get to your plants faster.


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