Plant Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Planting bare root strawberry plants are fun for all the family and are also a great boarder plants for your landscaping.  Planting bare root strawberry plants are different than when you buy strawberry plants that come in a pot. A potted strawberry plant has already establish its filtration and rooting system. Bare root strawberry plants have not and are very sensitive to it's environment. Planting bare root strawberry plants are easy to grow but have 3 simple rules that will guarantee success.

First, the soil is what helps the plant grow and breath. When picking your soil, use a rich compost type soil. You can use miracle grow or a rich cow manure but you will have to add at least 30 % sand. The sand helps with the breathing by making the soil drain better. Planting in a rich compost soil alone will rotten the roots of the plant.

Second, When planting the plant the crown needs to be placed above the soil. I like to see a  very little root. Just enough to keep the plant up right. Over time, the plant will settle and lower itself. When the crown is exposed to moist dirt can rotten the crown.

Lasty, commercial growers plant there plants on mounds and wrap there dirt in plastic (this is optional). The reason they do this is to help with drainage. The plastic helps with keeping the dirt moist but not wet. It also protects the fruit from the dirt and bugs. When planting on a flat surface the fruit tends to lay on the soil and rots quicker and bugs can get to your plants faster.

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  1. You sent the plants way before it is time to plant. How do I store them for the next 6 weeks or so?
    • Strawberryman
      Just keep the strawberry plants in your frig. Try to keep bare root plants in the bag they came in. Do not let the bag get real moist inside the bag. This can cause the strawberryplants to mold and eventurally rot.
      • I received a strawberry plant as a gift. I live in Nebraska. When should I plant them? Also, does it have to be in the ground or could we use a big planter?
        • Strawberryman
          Strawberry plants can be planted in both the ground or the numberous varieties of containers. The kept to success with planting bare root strawberry plants is proper soil and crown placement. When it comes to the soil you need to make sure it is well draining. Strawberry plant roots need to be able to breath. With a rich compost type soil, it is to moist and hold that moisture on the roots and will kill them. So, add sand, about 30%, this will help it drain and keep the roots healthy. Crown placement is crucial when you don't have well draining soil becuase the strawberry crown will sit in the moist soil and rot.
  2. I received the plants yesterday, I will plant this weekend as we are in Florida. Do I place them in water to allow the roots to moisten? Also I have two different types of strawberries. Can they be planted together? Thank you!
  3. I have purchased these plants for my father. He has had a vegetable garden for years, but he is elderly and now only grows a few things. He received his plants today, but it is still winter in New Jersey. I have copied the planting instructions on your website, but he has a couple of questions: 1) When is the time to plant in New Jersey? 2) Should the plants be kept in the refrigerator for so long a time? Or is there a better way to store them until they can be planted? Thank you, Lynda Parisi
  4. hi, i have got miracle gro potting soil for the bare roots i am expecting to come tomorrow. do i need to mix 30% sand with it and if so what kind of sand (home depot or menards) do i need to use. can i use a little peat moss in the mixture. Please advise
    • Strawberryman
      Yes, you mix 30% sand into the dirt you have. This helps with drainage. You can goto my adopt a plant page for planting isntructions
  5. I got my strawberries in couple days ago from you !!! How far apart do you plant them ??
    • Strawberryman
      8 inches is fine for the strawberry plants
  6. hi i just received email from ....information with " FOR PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS GOTO WWW.STRAWBERRYDELIVERY.COM " can i have instructions for "horizontal Aquaponic System " how do i plant bareroot & important points need to care.
    • Strawberryman
      When it comes to planting with any hydro or aquaponic system. is crown placement. The Crown cannot sit in the material that can absorb water. Such as rock wool or foam holders. This will keep extreme moisture on the crown that will make it rot. I would also cut the roots to be only 2 to 3 inches because roots that sit in water can rot and cause the plant to die. Aquaponics is a great way to grow strawberry plants.
  7. I ordered Seascape strawberries from you on Amazon, but I'm not seeing that you sell them on your website.... Are they called something else too?
    • Strawberryman
      No seascape are seascape. There are many varieties of strawberries.

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