Planting Asparagus Plants

When planting bare root asparagus plants, you must decide were to plant them because were you put them they will stay for 15 years. As you receive your bare root asparagus plants they will some times have mold on them and that is actually normal.  If you are going to keep roots longer than 2 weeks, untie bunch and spread roots out. Do not store in a damp place.

When you are ready to grow them. You must prepare your soil . Bare root asparagus grow well in a acid, alkaline, sandy, clay or any type of black soil. If potting, use any type of potting soil but as strawberry plants add at least 30 percent sand. Dig a trench 8" deep.

When Planting bare root asparagus plants the Roots should be laid flat in bottom of trench with crown or top of root in middle with tentacles spread evenly in each direction. Only put 5" of soil on top at time of planting. As plant grows more soil should be added. Space plants in trench so tentacles touch, approximately 12" to 18" apart.

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