House plants

House plants

Hand picked house Plants

Strawberry Delivery house plants that we fel are amazing plants.

We at Strawberry Delivery have chosen some beautiful varieties of  plants There are our Strawberry Delivery house plants of the most beautiful and colorful selection. ONLY SHIP OUT DURING SPRING OR LATE FALL.  SUMMER WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGE OF $6.99.  They will vary in size from very young plants to an older and bigger plant. This will be clearly marked on the info page of the specific plant. These are healthy plants that are a nice size. These house picked house plants are NON GMO and organically grown but not certified. Please read the planting instructions before you receive your house plant. You want to take care of your adopted plant!

When you receive these amazing plant you can put it in a cup with any dirt for up to a week until it goes to its permanent home. This will help with the sprouting time. Please learn about these amazing plant. They are easy to take care of but each plant is different and has specific needs. Some need to be watered from a watering dish and not watered from the top for example. 

The good thing is that we always ship out an extra plant with all orders. Strawberry Delivery family want’s you to feel safe and be absolutely satified with us. Also, remember when you purchase two sets of a variety, you will receive the 3rd for free. For example: buy 2  Elephant ears and receive 3rd for free and always free shipping. We guarantee our Strawberry Delivery plants and by sending an extra plant we ensure a higher percentage than most. So feel safe when ordering from us. If you do not see the bulb you are looking for. Send us an email!

Just give Strawberry Delivery a call at 919-696-0328. You can even send a picture to this number by texting it. This will help me answer any questions you may have. When you receive your bulbs, just follow the planting instructions. But if you cannot plant right away just put make sure you keep it in a warm and not so direct light to the plant. Let the plant gradually go into the sun. Your plant will also have light tolerances  and watering you need to know. Thank you for your consideration!

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