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  1. mike
    I love these strawberry plants. They are, by far, the most productive and best tasting that I have grown. I usually get 3 harvests a year starting mid to late May and often I am still getting berries into early November here in zone 6a in Pennsylvania. Last year I harvested more than 20lbs. of strawberries from 18 second year plants.
    • Customer
      These arrived as a big brown dry bundle of roots held together by two rubber bands - no leaves at all. I was a bit worried. Put them as received in a vase with water submerging the exposed roots, keeping the rest above water. Within 2 days, leaves started to form. Planted them outside a week ago and they grow like crazy now. All 25 survived. No issues. Great price for 25 (actually 26) plants.
  2. Steve
    The bare roots are growing beautifully. Received 26 bare roots and they are ALL growing nicely in just under a week...did I say that already? Well, I had to say it again because I am pleasantly surprised.

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